current mood: john marshall having a misadventure in the library of congress



Had a pretty great afternoon at the Chicago Botanic Gardens matching pantones to plants. Plantones?

theisluke asked: 26, 27, 39, 41

26- bad habits:
smoking (lately), drinking, biting my nails, procrastinating (but who doesn’t tho) and overthinking dumb stuff. 

27- good habits:
being reliable. almost always going to class, hardly ever late. separating my personal life from my professional life. 

39- fantasies:
the average being swept off my feet fantasy. i am truly convinced i’ll never have a guy who really loves me. 

41- favorite books:
gone with the wind. prodigal summer. carl sagan novels. divergent series. anything that absorbs me in that world. 


theisluke asked: 4, 8, 11, 44, 49 to start

4- my best friend:
i don’t have a singular best friend but i’d have to say lately athyriumotophorum and sexualpictochat have been just so amazing for so many reasons. just always there even when im sad and they rock

8- my pets:
i have a shih tzu dog named Lena and a holland lop bunny named Romeo. They’re both huge cuddle bugs and extremely amazing pets that i miss so much :( 

11- my sleeping patterns:
shitty. i’ve been having trouble with sleeping lately 

44- my quirks: 
i guess i just remember really random stuff from really random places. i know a lot about german language and culture, i know a lot about italian culture. i know a lot about the worlds of the video games i play. i just have a very endless curiousity with backstories and i would say that’s my quirk. that and i love penis humor. 

49- flexibility:
physical? idk not great lately i used to be flexible when i did dance and a whole bunch of sports 


i just want to be numb 

i need something to make me numb 



Tell us something about:

1. Your romantic interests
2. Your past relationship
3. Your current relationship
4. Your best friend
5. Your worst friend
6. Your parents
7. Your siblings
8. Your pets
9. Your dreams
10. Your day dreams
11. Your sleeping patterns
12. Your eating habits
13. Your hobbies
14. Your hopes
15. Your fears
16. Your confidence
17. Your anxieties
18. Your greatest adventure
19. Your worst mistake
20. Your emotions
21. Your thoughts
22. Your physical ills
23. Your eyes
24. Your ears
25. Your taste
26. Your bad habits
27. Your good habits
28. Your music
29. Your writing
30. Your philosphies
31. Your sexuality
32. Your likes
33. Your dislikes
35. Your fetishes
36. Your turn-offs
37. Your first sexual experience
38. Your last sexual experience
39. Your fantasties
40. Your favourite games
41. Your favourite books
42. Your favourite play
43. Your personality
44. Your quirks
45. Your sameness
46. Your depression
47. Your happiness
48. Your role model/inspiration
49. Your flexibility
50. Your clothes

I HAD A DREAM WITH sexualpictochat
and theisluke in it THAT IS ALL


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im so fucking tired of feeling so sad and mad for no fucking reason all the time. i don’t know how to make it stop and it’s starting to take me over 


Messages found around New York City the past two days

I think about you all the time

I don’t know how to forget you

Protect your magic

while my friends here are great and i love them i feel like the second they sense i’m sad or mad they try to get away from me so they don’t get brought down rather than ask what’s wrong and it fucking sucks because i wonder if they truly are my friends